The Internet is for everyone.

This remains the Internet Society’s vision. Yet nearly half the people in the world remain unconnected. Those who are connected face new and growing challenges to fully realizing the Internet’s potential. Even as more people come online, it is critically important that the Internet be a platform that enables people to connect, communicate, and innovate.


II. Strengthening the Internet


Security and trustworthiness are preconditions to the Internet’s use and growth. The projects below address these themes. The issues to be addressed, the approaches we expect to take to address them, and examples of specific outcomes are described for each project.


Promoting the Internet way of networking

Extending encryption

Securing global routing

Increasing time security

Leading by example with open standards and protocols

III. Growing the Internet

The global Internet continues to grow around the world, but unevenly. Our efforts are aimed at not only increasing the reach and reliability of the Internet in the short term, but also ensuring the foundations for continued growth are solidly in place. A new project will bring together multiple measures of the Internet to better inform the future work and plans of the Internet Society and others to promote the growth of the global Internet.


Building Community Networks

Fostering infrastructure and technical communities

Measuring the Internet

IV. Building Our Community, Extending Our Voice


Founded by Internet pioneers, the Internet Society works with a diverse community of Chapters, Special Interest Groups, individual members, and Organization Members. This broad Internet Society community shares an interest and belief in our principles and mission. While together we are committed to strengthening the global Internet and expanding its reach, groups within the Internet Society encompass a wide range of views and interests.



V. Other Activities

In addition to the projects listed above, a number of mission support activities in which the Internet Society has been engaged for an extended period will continue in 2020.


VI. Financial Plan

Our work in 2020 is supported by a financial plan that will ensure the Internet Society remains fiscally strong and operates effectively as a charitable, not-for-profit entity. The financial plan allocates resources so the Internet Society can continue to deliver on its mission to support and promote the development of the Internet as a global technical infrastructure, a resource to enrich people’s lives, and a force for good in society. The table below provides further details of this year’s financial plan and reflects the work plan’s focus on projects.


VII. Conclusion


This plan organizes our attention and resources on the most important work for building, promoting, and defending a bigger and stronger Internet in the coming year. Most of our work is organized into eight projects. The plans for these projects define specific outcomes and anticipate long-range goals, while establishing a framework for assessing and understanding how we are delivering on them. Continued engagement with all parts of the Internet Society community, strengthening partnerships with those beyond our community, and ensuring we communicate clearly and boldly are integral aspects of all our work.

We remain committed to an Internet that is a force for good in the world. With more than half the people in the world connected, the potential of the Internet to foster innovation, spark learning, and transform lives is evident. As we work to ensure the rest of the world is able to connect, we must work towards the best version of the Internet we can imagine, rather than worst version we fear.